Dr. Wallach's 90 Essential nutrients


summary of dr. wallach's 90 for life message

From Dr. Joel Wallach's World-Renowned Dead Doctors Don't Lie Lecture

  • There are 90 Essential Nutrients that every human being needs every day to stay healthy. For every nutrient that is missing, there are up to 10 deficiency diseases, up to 900 total.

  • OF the 90 Essential Nutrients, 60 of these (Two-Thirds) are minerals.

  • Without minerals vitamins have no function in the human body. They are useless.

  • There is not a single plant, animal, or human that can produce even one of these 60 Essential Minerals. These minerals MUST BE CONSUMED!

  • If the minerals are not in the soil, they are not in our food. So no matter how well we think we are eating, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET THE 90 ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS FROM OUR FOODS. According to U.S. Senate Document 264 (written in 1936) the minerals are NOT in our soils.

  • Minerals must be in a plant form for our bodies to absorb adequate amounts of them.

  • Dr. Wallach's Mineral Mine is the only known source of all 60 Essential Minerals in a Plant-Derived form. This is what makes Dr. Wallach's products so unique and so effective. Dr. Wallach's Youngevity is the ONLY COMPANY/PRODUCT in the world which can offer ALL 90 Essential Nutrients.