What makes Dr. Wallach's products unique compared with all the other brands?

  • Dr. Wallach's unique philosophy, research, and experience. As a veterinarian Dr. Wallach discovered that he could prevent and cure over 900 diseases in animals with proper supplementation. He became a physician and began implementing these same successful formulas in his human practice. (See the Dr. Wallach Story (6 min video) and  Read Dr. Wallach's Bio.)

  • Strict Quality Control. Many product brands do not even come close to containing what is stated on the label. We guarantee that ours does, and we consistently test every batch to make sure.

  • Our Mineral Mine. The only one in the world containing more than 70 trace minerals and rare  earths in a plant derived form that the human body can absorb. (See Dr. Wallach's Mineral Mine.)

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Why don't you have product testimonials on your web site?

  • There is a fine line of legality. It's not legal for any nutritional company to claim that they can "cure" any disease. Many product testimonials do just that.

  • We don't want you to purchase our products based on the testimonies of others. We want you to listen to, and understand, Dr. Wallach's unique message and research and make a quality decision based on the hard, proven, scientific facts so you will become a customer for life and develop your own product testimony.  

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How long will it take to receive my products?

Approximately 3 to 7 days

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How do I know which products I should order first?

First, take the FREE Health Evaluation. Total your scores in each of the 4 Health Categories. The higher the score the more support you need in that category. Each category has a corresponding Health Pack that contains all 90 Essential Nutrients PLUS the add-on products to provide the additional support that you need. 

Category 1: Hard Tissue - Healthy Bone and Joint Pak (See Products Page)

Category 2: Soft Tissue - Healthy Brain and Heart Pak (See Products Page)

Category 3: Blood Sugar - Healthy Blood Sugar Pak (See Products Page)

Category 4: Digestion - Healthy Digestion Pak (See Products Page)

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How can I get the best price?

There are three ways to purchase Dr. Wallach's Products.  Find Out More

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Autoship orders include FREE SHIPPING, which saves you an additional   

8% OFF of the cost of your products. 

Find Out More About FREE SHIPPING.

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How can I get my products for FREE?

When you refer 3 people who purchase one of our Health Packs in a calendar month you can receive your next Health Pack for FREE.

You can also receive your products for free by sharing Dr. Wallach's  message with others and creating a monthly residual income that can pay for and exceed the cost of your own products.

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How can I receive commission checks?

Use Dr. Wallach's audios and videos to share his message with others. Many of these people will want to create their own membership and begin ordering products. Each time they order you can receive a commission. Find Out More

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I'm not used to paying this much for supplements. How do I know I'm getting my money's worth?

How much is your health worth to you? More than your house? Your car?  First, review the first question on the FAQ Page. What makes our products  unique? Then, Compare Our Prices. If you tried to put together the 90 Essential Nutrients on your own (which you can't because of Dr. Wallach's Unique Mineral Mine you would end up paying triple the cost of our Healthy Start Pak. Dr. Wallach's products offer not only the best quality, but also the best value that money can buy!

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What if I see a better price on another web site?

Let the BUYER BEWARE! First, how could anyone  possibly give you a better price that you can get with your own Wholesale Membership? Also, many offer "FREE SHIPPING" but as we have  shown you on this web site you can get your own FREE SHIPPING directly from the company. The people who offer deals that look better than what you can get directly from the company are violating company  policy and will eventually be discovered and will lose their distributorship with Youngevity.  Also, frequently we receive calls and emails from people who have purchased these products online and have no idea who their contact person is and therefore they receive no help or support. We offer what you won't find anywhere else.... FREE Telephone Consultations with your own Personal Health Coach to help  guide you and support you in achieving your wellness goals.

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How long will it take to see results?

We have to be careful how we answer this questions. First, what results are you looking for? Remember that it is  not legal for us to tell you that our products will "cure" any disease.  We can tell you that our products will provide your body the raw materials that it needs to heal and repair itself. Our products support the body's own healing process. Because each body is unique there is no specific answer. Some people claim they start feeling better and noticing  improvement within just a few days. For others it may take longer. Remember, Dr. Wallach says to take ALL 90 Essential Nutrients  for at least 90 consecutive days and that when you "Give your body  what it needs it will do amazing things."  Also, your Personal Health Coach can help you tweak both your supplement program and your diet so you can achieve maximum results as quickly as possible. But the most important thing to remember is that our message is about PREVENTING up  to 900 health challenges by giving your body ALL 90 Essential Nutrients  for the rest of your life.

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What if I don't like the taste?

Dr. Wallach now has thousands of products to choose from. Our message is 90 Essential Nutrients, but we have several different product packs with different flavors and  various combinations of products to help you get ALL 90. Some people  like liquids better, some like capsules, some like the taste of one of our products over another. The important thing is that if you try one of  Dr. Wallach's products, and don't care for the taste, DO NOT GIVE UP!  Contact your Personal Health Coach who will help you find the ideal  combination of products for you.

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Do you have products for pets?

Absolutely! Go to our Products Page and check out some of our leading pet products.

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Are your products safe for kids?

Dr. Wallach's Products are safe for children of all ages. We also have products especially for kids.

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