Health and nutrition facts

Farm Soil Depletion



85% Mineral Depletion in Farm 

Soils over the past 100 years

 Our foods are starved of nutrition.

(US Senate Document 264 in 1936)

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Mineral Deficiency Diseases



USDA reports that 95% of Americans

 are mineral deficient. 

These deficiencies lead to disease.

(See just a few mineral deficiency diseases.)

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Plant Derived Minerals



All minerals are not the same. 

   Dr. Wallach's products contain 77 Plant Derived      Minerals and are up to 98% absorbable.

(See our Mineral Mine)

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Early Warning Signs


 Don't ignore the early warning signs of nutritional deficiences. (Click the link below to find our more.) 

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90 Essential Nutrients


 What does your body really need every day to 

stay healthy? (Click the link below to find out.) 

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Dead Doctors Don't Lie


The most famous health lecture in history.

Over 350 million copies sold! Listen Now

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Dr. Wallach's Good Food / Bad Food


 Find out which foods are good for you and 

which ones are not. Discover 10 Bad Foods. 

You will be surprised!

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The 4 Health Categories


 80% of all health challenges fall into 4 categories of disease . Find out what they are and where you 

need the most nutritional support. 

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FREE Wholesale Membership


 Don't be fooled by online ads offering a better price on Youngevity products. Get your own Wholesale Membership and buy direct...20%  discount. 

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