Dr. Wallach's 90 Essential nutrients for life video

This Video Is A Summary Of Dr. Wallach's 90 For Life Message (33 minutes). A Great Tool To Share With Family And Friends.

dr. joel wallach's dead doctors don't lie audio


Dead Doctors Don't Lie, by Dr. Joel Wallach, is the most famous health lecture In history with 

Over 350 MILLION Copies Sold Worldwide! 

This is still the most effective tool to share Dr. Wallach's message with family and friends.

Watch the Dr. Wallach Story

 A Short Inspirational Video Summarizing Dr. Wallach's Life, Work, And Accomplishments (7 min.)

Dr. Joel Wallach topical health videos

Why Plant Derived Minerals (3:01)

ADD and ADHA (6:41)

Alzheimer’s Is Preventable (4:51)

Arthritis - Bones And Joints (6:59)

Asthma - Pastor Creflo Dollar (2:28)

Autism (3:45)

Cancer (4:17)

Cholesterol, ED, Alzheimer's (2:09)

Cystic Fibrosis - A New Hope (10:16)

Depression - PTSD (3:28)

Diabetes (8:16)

Digestion - The Bad Foods (3:00)

Fibromyalgia and Lupus (3:57)

All 90 Essential Nutrients (7:21)

High Blood Pressure (12:02)

Macular Degeneration (5:56)

Osteoporosis - Symptoms (3:34)

Prostate Issues (5:38)