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20% Discount

Don't be fooled by online ads offering a better price on Dr. Wallach's products. Once you have your own Wholesale Membership, you will get the best possible price (20% discount and you can even get FREE SHIPPING.)  PLUS, exclusively through this website, you will even get your own Personal Health Coach to help guide you every step of the way. Please Note that your wholesale discount will be applied as you complete the checkout process. 

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Single Multi-Nutrient Products



Plant Derived Minerals 32 fl oz
OUR FLAGSHIP PRODUCT.  A liquid concentrate containing up to 77 minerals from prehistoric
plants in their unaltered colloidal form. 
Retail Price: $26.99
Member Price: $21.95



 Ultra Body Toddy 32 fl oz

Contains  more than 100 vitamins, minerals,

amino acids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants 

in a single bottle of liquid concentrate.

Retail Price: $55.99

Member Price: $44.95



Beyond Tangy Tangerine  420g Canister
Contains  a blend of plant derived minerals, vitamins, amino acids and over 100  fruits and vegetables.
More than 200 powerful nutrients!
Retail Price: $74.99
Member Price: $59.95

90 Essential Nutrients - it all starts here

  • IT ALL STARTS HERE! If you have heard Dr. Wallach's message (90 For Life) you know that EVERYONE needs ALL 90 Essential Nutrients regardless of their current state of health. Here are 3 options for you  based on your budget and the other additional (Add-On) support products  that you may need for your particular health goals. Keep in mind that  the IDEAL dose is one pack per 100 pounds of body weight. Start where  you can. 




 1 Ultra Body Toddy
1 Projoba Omega 
Retail Price: $77.98
Member Price: $62.90



  CORE90 Healthy Body Pak
Retail Price: $142.79
Member Price: $99.95



 1 Healthy Body Start Pak  2.0
Retail Price: $166.99
Member Price: $133.95

How To Choose The Best Health Pack For You

  1. First, take the FREE Health Evaluation.
  2. Review the 4 Health Categories to find out how much nutritional support you need in each category. 
  3. Choose ONE of the 90 Essential Nutrient Packs (Above).
  4. Add Products from the 4 Health Categories (Below) for which you need additional support. 

  • PLEASE NOTE: We help with all of this and make it easy for you during your

 FREE Telephone Consultation.

Category 1: Extra Hard Tissue (Bone and Joint) Support

Ultimate Gluco-Gel™ - 240 Capsules


 Retail Price: $49.99
Member Price: $39.95
PLEASE  NOTE: Many of our product users notice a significant difference when using two bottles of this product per month rather than just one.  

Gluco-Gel Plus™ - 32 fl oz


 Retail Price: $61.99
Member Price: $49.95

CM Cream™ (Paraben-Free) - 2 oz


 Retail Price: $36.99
Member Price: $29.95

Category 2: Extra Soft Tissue (Brain and Heart) Support

Ultimate EFA™ - 180 soft gels


Retail Price: $55.99

Member Price: $44.95

Ultimate EFA Plus™ - 90 soft gels


Retail Price: $43.99

Member Price: $34.95

Ultimate Selenium


 Retail Price: $34.99

Member Price: $27.95

Category 3: Extra Blood Sugar Support

Slender Fx™ Sweet Eze™ - 120 capsules


 Retail Price: $33.99

Member Price: $26.95

Category 4: Extra Digestion Support

Ultimate Enzymes


 Retail Price: $33.99
Member Price: $26.95

Ultimate Flora Fx


 Retail Price: $40.99

Member Price: $32.95

Root Beer Belly


Retail Price: $46.99
Member Price: $37.95

Save Time And Money With Dr. Wallach's Prepackaged Health Packs

 Don't  want to take the time to select your 90 Essential Nutrients Pack and  choose your own 

Add-On Support Products? Let us do it for you. See the list of our Most Popular Health Packs (below).

PLEASE NOTE: Each of these packs contains one Healthy Body Start Pack (containing ALL 90 Essential Nutrients) PLUS additional support products for that particular Health Category.

Some of the Prepackaged Health Packs are a few dollars cheaper than if you 

purchased the add-on products separately.

Dr. Wallach's Most popular health packs

Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0


Our most popular Health Pack.

Contains All 90 Essential Nutrients.

Retail Price: $166.99


Healthy Bone and Joint Pak 2.0


 Contains All 90 Essential Nutrients 

PLUS extra support for Healthy Bones and Joints.

Retail Price: $243.99

Member Price: $194.95

Healthy Brain and Heart Pak


 Contains All 90 Essential Nutrients 

PLUS extra support for a Healthy Brain and Heart. 

Retail Price: $249.99

Member Price: $199.95

Healthy Blood Sugar Pak


 Contains All 90 Essential Nutrients 

PLUS extra support for Healthy Blood Sugar levels.

Retail Price: $196.99


Healthy Digestion Pak


 Contains All 90 Essential Nutrients 

PLUS extra support for Healthy Digestion.

Retail Price: $230.99


Healthy Weight Loss Pak


 Contains All 90 Essential Nutrients 

PLUS extra support for Healthy Weight Loss.

Retail Price: $249.99

Member Price: $199.95

Dr. Wallach's best deal - the Combo Mega Pack


Nutritional Support For All 4 Health Categories

 Many people need additional support in All 4 Health Categories.

CEO Combo Mega Pak™ It's Almost Like Getting 4 Packs in One

Item #: 1086 The CEO Combo  Mega Pak™ includes a Welcome Kit, (1) Healthy Body Start Pak™ 2.0,  Healthy Body Digestion Pak™ 2.0, Ultimate™ Selenium, Slender FX™ Sweet  EZE™, Ultimate™ EFA™ 180, Rebound fx™ Citrus Punch Canister,  KidSprinklz™ Watermelon Mist - Multi-Vitamin Powder, Ultimate™  Gluco-Gel™ 240 Capsules and an assortment of GOFoods™ products.     Your Price: $499.95 

other official dr. wallach product categories

Good Herbs


Good Herbs is driven by the mission, Heal the planet one person at a time. Good Herbs are wildcrafted or organically grown. No heat is used in any step of the process to bring them to their extracted state, and they remain 'whole herbs" without adulteration or standardization of any  kind.

Essential Oils


 True beauty begins with a healthy body and lifestyle, and our special  formulations of essential oils are here to support just that. Using  steam distillation or cold pressing to protect the integrity of each essence, this gentle handling allows for its most effective use in  restoring balance. 

Weight Management


 With  obesity reaching epidemic proportions, health issues have truly become a global problem. People in every corner of the world are struggling to keep their weight under control, and it’s negatively impacting their quality of life. Shed those unwanted pounds, while achieving better overall wellness.



 Enjoy advanced anti-aging supplements rich in antioxidants that are shown to protect against

cell-damaging free radicals and promote 

longevity and optimal wellness.

Skin & Personal Care


 Beauty is more than skin deep! Your skin, the body's largest organ, is a reflection of your overall health and well-being. A clear and radiant glow requires proper nourishment - both internally and externally.

Mineral Makeup


 The average US female applies 14 lbs of toxic chemicals on her skin each year. Dr. Wallach's Mineral Makeup is completely Safe and Non-Toxic. 

Compare our makeup with other leading brands.

Pet Products


 We believe your four-legged pets deserve the best, and their health is at the heart of all we do. They require wholesome nutrition to support their digestion, bones & joints, and overall wellness. 

Healthy Chocolates


  Enjoy the ultimate (guilt-free) chocolate experience! Now you can indulge your sweet tooth with delectable dark chocolate and benefit from  cutting-edge science at the same time. 

Healthy Coffee


  With our own coffee plantation, processing mill, and manufacturing facility,  we can ensure that you are getting the most delicious, best fair trade, rainforest certified, and organic coffee from field to cup.